5x1000 to GGO

An easy free action that can contribute a lot.

How doesi it work?
The giacomogiacomo association is an Onlus to which it is possible to donate 5x1000 of your income tax (IRPEF).
Just write your tax code
CF: 9748 9840 583 of giacomogiacomo onlus:
either in your CUD file
or 730 file
or Modello Unico

and sign in the box shown as “Sostegno del volontariato/support of voluntary action…”


Weddings, christenings, anniversaries and company parties…GGO will create for you a personalized gadget for your special day!

How does it work? The same money you would have spent to buy favours will be transferred to the giacomogiacomo Onlus to support its projects that in return will create a gadget (i.e bookmarks, small diaries, etc) with our logo to give to your guests, colleagues and friends.

Contact us to learn more, our team of graphic designers is waiting for you!


For your birthday, or your friend’s, organize a fund raising: everybody will be very happy to learn what present they can give you!

How does it work?
In case you decide to devote us your birthday, just contact our staff that will open a crowdfunding campaign, open to all those who would like to participate, by giving you a special birthday greeting.

Martina & Brian’s wedding

On 29th june 2017 Martina and Brian are getting married! On this occasion, instead of the conventional favours, the young couple have decided to make a donation to the giacomogiacomo Onlus!  We have decided together what to give their guests as a testimonial of their generosity.We have finally decided to […]


Help us fill the case

  CAN YOU HELP US FILL THE CASE? Every year a group of volunteers leave to help in some areas of the slums od Nairobi, capital city of Kenya. Each volunteer pays for two suitcases: a personal one and another one full of presents for the kids and the schools […]