This is the very first project of the non-profit organization giacomogiacomo.

This project is the genesis of the entire enterprise, the unity and brotherhood that has been consolidated over the years between the organization and the Evangelizer Sisters of Mary, the nuns who manage the school.

This small order of nuns had no longer funds, did not know how to support the school and was forced to close it, thus denying the opportunity for many children to have an education and training. Giacomogiacomo takes to the field, and with a miraculous collection in record time succeeds in maintaining the dream of many youngsters.

A female dormitory was added to this school after a few years. Why? Because it is dangerous for a girl to have to walk home in the evening after sunset. In this way they are safe and grouped together.

In the period of the camp, such as during the Christmas holidays for us and the summer holidays for Kenyans, this dormitory becomes a guesthouse! It is the place where our volunteers sleep during the camp and where they spend most of the time when they are not busy doing service in the shantytowns.