Fatima Catholic Nursery School was started in 1983 by missionaries from Italy known as “Fatima Group” in the persons of Fr Domenico Pozzi, Sr Anna Bonadelli and Sr Alma Bisagni.

The school was known as Fatima Kindergarten. The group did well in the financial management and administration to ensure the school maintenance and sustainability.

In the year 1998, Fatima Catholic Nursery School was handed over by the Fatima group to the Missionary Congregation of the Evangelizing Sisters of Mary both in Ownership and Management.


  • Initially the school was basically started to provide nutrition to the malnourished children from kware slums referred from the Fatima dispensary which was run by the same Fatima Group.
  • The school was also meant to monitor the child’s health progress. It had to keep daily record of the child’s weight and provide monthly health reports for each child.
  • In 1985 the school introduced the Pre-school Syllabus and early childhood education program in their curriculum. The school therefore not only focused on nutrition but also sought to achieve an academic excellence of these young children. It recognized that diversity was an asset that strengthened the ultimate purpose of education thus it opened doors to other pupils regardless of their ethnic background or status, other than those referred from the Fatima dispensary.

Currently due to many demands of the children and the school at large, we are experiencing some challenges as some children are not able to meet their needs and those of the school such as unform, school fees and learning materials. This is because the parents have to meet the needs of their children and some are not able to do so. As a school we are experiencing greet challenge because they are many children who are in need and we are not able to enroll big number, because we are not able to cater for their needs.

At this moment (year 2018) the school has only a total number of 60 children from Kware slams, Gataka, and within Ongata Rongai at large whereby three quarters of the children are not able to pay their school fees fully.

The school thus continues its mission of excellence by pursuing it mission of building a foundation and nurturing the development of each child academically ,socially, spiritually, emotionally, and physically in preparation for a successful productive life in a complex world.


  • Early childhood Development
  • Support School uniform, School fees, learning materials
  • Food, Health care and recreation activities


“The EMS, the congregation of nuns that we have been supporting for many years in their projects, manage both nursery and high school, both of which are in the compound. Once children enter public primary school, they do not abandon them. All afternoons have children who come to do their homework, have a snack and other activities. Since the high school is not passed and / or guaranteed by the State, the ESM host the boys ready in high school, in their two facilities. One is the one built and supported by us, by the giacomogiacomo Onlus, and the other is a more professional school, an institute, dedicated to young people brought for more practical subjects and teachings. ”

                                                                                                            Paola, founder.