On 30 August of 2006, after a tragic accident, Giacomo died at 7 years old. When our friend Giulio Albanese, a Colombian priest, told us about the difficulties of a school in Africa in finding economic funds to complete the construction, in the memory of Giacomo we decided to help him starting a fundraiser.

After many difficulties and thanks to precious help of people close to us, we managed to finish the project.

So, in May we left to meet Evangelizing Sisters of Mary, the congregation of African nuns which runs this school, and talk with them about the future of both.

After as many years of projects as many years of volunteer caps now this relationship is solid and mature, our goal with the help of the Social workers is to create a dialogue, a direct twinning, with local communities, defeating cultural barriers.

For this reason we operate directly inside the slums, with families, boys and children, immersed in their daily reality.

Every year a delegation of the GGO leaves on Christmas time, to meet the Evangelizing Sisters and to dedicate a time to knowledge and service.

Meanwhile (and mainly in Rome), we carry on cultural and social initiatives to support our projects and to finance the daily activities of the community of Ongata Rongai.