There are many ways to stick together and make a difference!

Supporting high school students – 2020

Since 2011 we have been supporting 40 students with fellowships at the Bishop Mazzoldi Secondary School.
The commitment lasts four years of secondary school.
The students come from the slums near Kware, Gataka, Bangladesh and Olekasasi where the poverty levels are very high.

Fatima Nursery – 2020

Since 2018 we have decided to send the kids from the slum sto the Fatima Nursery inside the compound of the Evangelizing Sisters of Mary, where they have the possibility of receiving primary education.

Inua Mama Project – 2020

A project for young women who are offered the opportunity to improve their skills, to join in small work cooperatives and with a micro credit system, to start small business activities.

University fellowships – 2020

Fellowship purchase for young students
Since August 2015 we have been supporting two young students during their university studies with fellowships including: university fees, maintenance, text books, transport.