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The experience we want to offer is about sharing, that is, we do activities that allow us to get in touch with the local reality and establish relationships with local people. This is at the core of the experience and it is the most important thing, not what we are able\not able to do.
This is because we are going to get to know a reality, which is very different from ours, with a complex culture, and situations that can have a strong emotional and social impact. For this we must be prepared in depth. Additionally, knowing the people of the group that will join you in the trip will help you not only to better face the journey, but also to get organized together, and to make a common experience.
Everyone speaks English, so knowing the language is essential to get in touch with the locals. When we are together with the locals it is good education not to speak a language differ from English among us to avoid make them feel excluded.
The camp is an experience that is open to anyone, believers and non-believers. It is a strong experience that makes us questioning ourselves at 360 degrees, and therefore our spiritual part is very important. There are two moments of prayer during the day in which everyone takes part in their own way.
Nairobi is located on a plateau at 1,795 meters, below the Equator. In December the temperature is around 30 ° during the day with a dry climate, while at night we sleep with the blanket, because the temperature drops to about 15 °.
Our meals will be very simple and safe. Although for your information, as a general rule, you have to know that it is recommended to eat only cooked vegetables and peeled fruit, drink boiled water and from bottles which are closed.
Summery and comfortable, simple and low profile: long trousers and closed shoes are recommended for the activities. Flip-flops are essential for taking a shower. You should also bring something warm for the evening.
Yes, you do need a visa to enter. This can be done at the airport upon arrival by filling out a form with your details and by paying about 45 euros.
There are no mandatory vaccines to enter Kenya, although we advise deciding whether to take anti-malarial prophylaxis - only after consulting a specialist - because the risk of malaria is extremely low for the altitude of Nairobi.
No, we will always go around in group, for both the activities and in the place that hosts us for meals and stay. This journey is an extraordinary personal experience, but it can only be understood if it is shared in the group.